Erich Thalheimer, BSME, INCE Bd. Cert., Acoustical Engineer

Erich Thalheimer has developed a niche specialty performing noise assessments for existing and proposed gun ranges.  This is due to the fact that Mr. Thalheimer is an accomplished competitive shooter ( with over 20 years of experience with firearms use, safety training, sportsmens clubs management and custom reloading.  The combination of Mr. Thalheimer’s professional vocation in acoustics with his personal avocation in the shooting sports makes for a gun range acoustical consultant second to none.

Example acoustical studies done for gun ranges include the following:

·       Waterford Gun Range, Waterford, ME– Performed an evaluation of noise generated by an existing range as a potential noise trespass impact at a residence approximately one mile away.  Ambient and gun noise levels were measured and recorded at the residence location.  Current conditions were then simulated in the Cadna-A model in order to develop candidate mitigation options and evaluate their noise reduction effectiveness.  Partial enclosures (shooting sheds) were recommended for the pistol and rifle ranges as well time restrictions for shotgun activities.  Thal-Asc.

.      Headwaters Gun Range, Bemidji, MN – Performed a gun noise evaluation of a proposed combination rifle, pistol and shotgun range in Bemidji, MN.  Firearm noise emission levels were taken from measurements performed on previous projects, and noise levels were predicted at property lines and nearby residential receptors using the Cadna-A environmental noise model.  Noise levels were evaluated against the Minnesota Shooting Range Protection Act and Minnesota Administrative Rule 7030 for compliance.  Thal-Asc.

·       Nantucket Gun Range, Nantucket, MA – Performed two comprehensive noise studies for a proposed gun range on Nantucket Island.  The studies involved live firing of multiple rifles, pistols and shotguns from the proposed range location, and measuring and evaluating the noise levels in neighborhoods surrounding the range.  Gunfire noise propagation models and contour maps were developed using the Cadna-A noise model. The results indicated compliance with the Nantucket Noise Bylaw and questioned the applicability of Mass DEP Policy 90-001 (310 CMR 7.10). A rebuttal was prepared to challenge the opposition’s acoustical expert.  The results of the study were presented at the Nantucket Zoning Board of Appeals.  Thal-Asc.

·       ConnDOC Cheshire Facility Gun Range, Cheshire, CT (2006) – Performed an acoustical analysis and recommended mitigation measures to control gunfire noise emanating from the Connecticut Dept. of Correction’s Maloney Training Center.  Noise measurements were performed inside the range as well as at several residential receptors surrounding the range.  Empirical noise propagation models were developed based on the measurements, and the subjective reaction of the community was evaluated in a series of survey questionnaires.


·       City of Stamford Police Department Gun Range Noise Control, Stamford, CT – Performed a study of the propagation of gunfire noise throughout the building resulting from the use of officers training with handguns, rifles and shotguns in the basement gun range of the Stamford Police Department building.  Gun noise levels were measured to determine loudness and transmissibility through walls and ceilings/floors, and reverberation times were measured inside the range and adjacent ready room.  A comparison of available interior acoustical absorption treatments was conducted, and recommendations were provided to reduce the gun noise both inside the range as well as throughout the rest of the building.  Follow-up noise measurements were performed after the City renovated the range.  Thal-Asc.


·        Moon Island Firearms Range Noise Study, Seaside Alliance, Boston Harbor, MA (1994) - Reviewed and commented on previously performed noise impact regarding the proposed expansion of a Boston Police/DEA firearms training facility.  Thal-Asc.



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